The Art of Juicing and its Main Benefits

Juicing is definitely one of the biggest wellness trends of the last years in this article on The Art of Juicing and its Main Benefits. It is growing so fast that we might even have the first $20 juice in 2013. What is this craze around juicing and what’s so special about people stuffing their veggies into machines and drinking green beverages? If you’re new to juicing, it might be funny at first, drinking something green that you’re used to eating and chewing, but honestly, the benefits are incredible and so worthwhile.

Our bodies need to take in different nutrients on a regular basis and juicing is a great way to include vegetables and fruit in your diet. We often forgo the right number of servings we should have on a daily basis, so by juicing them all together, we manage to cross this one item from our checklist.

green juice

green juice

Juicing also removes indigestible fiber  which makes the juices easier to digest. It is like taking a nutrient boost directly into your blood, because your body doesn’t have to do much processing. It is very light on our digestive systems which feel so overwhelmed with our modern lifestyle, where fat and processed foods are abundant. Giving your body this amount of nutrients in only one take has, obviously, major benefits on your overall health. You will feel a lot better, more energized and well, happier. Also, you might experience that you don’t get sick so often, as your immune system will be fully ready and alert to deal with anything. Your skin will look great and so will your hair, which will shine vitality.

Another great advantage of juicing is that you can use most of the things you keep in your fridge, so that they don’t go to waste. You can combine different veggies and work with different flavours – go easy at first, especially if you’re not used to the “green taste”. Smart with simple veggies, like lettuce, cucumber and spinach. You can always add apple to you green juices. Don’t combine carrots, or broccoli, or other vegetables high in starch though as this will make the digestion process more difficult. Remember that our bodies have an incredible intelligent system, but it takes time for them to adjust to different diets.

Juicing is also nice on your wallet, if you consider the quality/price relationship. You can always choose to buy what is locally and seasonally available to you; this will not only better suit your budget, it will also feel better to your body, as it makes you more attuned with nature. So really, instead of eating chips, or cookies in front of the television, do consider making yourself some nice fresh juice. It is super easy to do, it only takes a few minutes to prepare, and the benefits will be felt almost immediately. Who doesn’t want to feel better? All it times is drinking some green delicious and nutritious juiced veggies.

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