The elimination of toxins from your body is necessary for optimal health. There are 2 types of toxins that build up in your body. Environmental toxins are chemicals such as herbicides, medications and pesticides. Metabolic toxins are those that are produced inside your body, such as undigested food. A body cleanse will aid you in… [Continue Reading]


When you live you life with a healthy daily habit of juicing for the long-term benefits of keeping your body in its natural cleansing state, it is a good idea to have an arsenal of many different recipes to keep the variety in your healthy lifestyle choice. Bellow are 5 great body cleanse recipes to… [Continue Reading]

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Juicing is definitely one of the biggest wellness trends of the last years in this article on The Art of Juicing and its Main Benefits. It is growing so fast that we might even have the first $20 juice in 2013. What is this craze around juicing and what’s so special about people stuffing their veggies… [Continue Reading]

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At times people are hooked in the spin of their branded juicer, so they forget there are many people still wanting to know what a Green Juice is and also what exactly are the benefits of everyday green juicing. Therefore, this content is for green juicing novices – and absolutely it is for every one… [Continue Reading]

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The benefits of consuming a diet with lots of different Raw Juice Recipes are not new for most people. However, when we consumed freshly squeezed raw juices, there can be special fruit juice recipes that are rich in nutritional vitamins, like, a papaya juice, with carrots. Aside from the nutritious features, drinking fruit juices are delicious, besides… [Continue Reading]

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